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Silverline Prelude   ALL-NEW MODEL FOR 2006!

In the summer of 2003, Silverline started to write the technical specifications of its new full range mini floor standing speaker system, in replacement of the Panatella and Corona series speaker. It was initially thought to provide a most affordable and extremely compact full range speaker system to accommodate the most demanding audiophiles and music lovers where budget and space are of most concern, besides performance in sound. The design team at Silverline developed an integrated driver system including a ultra light weight and extremely rigid diaphragm made from an ultra light weight alloy of aluminum and magnesium, and a redesigned magnet motor. The goal is not just improving the power handling and efficiency which benefited from the feather light and extremely rigid diaphragm, it also absent from coloration. Other features are their awesome slew rate and transient speed. This benchmarks the breakthrough of small diameter drivers to reproduce an extraordinary width in frequency response, makes the Prelude an outstanding full range mini floor standing speaker system.


Silverline Grandeur II    NEW FLAGSHIP FOR 2006!

The first Grandeur was presented at the CES1999 and immediately raved by many audio critics and music lovers for both of its aesthetics and innovative designs. In the spring of 2002, the engineers at Silverline started to write the technical specifications for a more compact and precise musical instrument - the Grandeur Mk II. It is the accumulation and extension of the expertise derived from the design team at Silverline. The Grandeur MkII is a modular design. Each module has its tuning devises and synchronized to the best performance. The tweeter and midrange module mounted on a heavily embraced cabinet. A tuning board was meticulously tweaked and placed in between the tweeter/midrange module and the dual-woofer bass module. Each of the woofers has its isolated chamber and tuning devise to eliminate the cross influences among the woofers in the bass module. The bottom pedestal is where the crossover was housed, and it can be filled with sand. The crossover is totally isolated from the other module. Every detail has put into extremely careful attention during the development of this system. Only the finest possible components are to be used, putting the Grandeur MkII to the summit of audio performance.



The SR17.5 is the successor of the legendary SR17 monitor. The new SR17.5 has a number of assets to make a success of this new bet. Externally, the redesigned cabinet slightly inflated over the previous model due to the increase in the thickness of the sound board of the cabinet. Sure, the weight of the new SR17.5 increases to 36 pounds each, as compares to the previous 20 pounds of weight on the previous model. Internally, the innovative tuning port extended and with flared ends effectively transforms the current of the air within the cabinet to the optimum performance in reproducing of the music. It is an uncompromising design utilizing only the finest parts available. The superior drivers employ humongous hexagonal wound voice coil, assure high power handling while revealing highly refined music timbres and shadings. The extremely rigid enclosure helps to eliminate unwanted internal resonance while the minimum baffle surface is optimum for superior imaging and sound staging.


Silverline Sonatina III

The improved version of Silverline’s acclaimed Sonatina loudspeaker. Silverline’s quest for sonic perfection and outstanding value continues. As we refine this already excellent product. The re-designed Sonatina will include more substantial internal bracing of the cabinet. A new bass driver and a reworked crossover result in the new Sonatina’s more robust mid-bass. The loudspeaker some critics have called “The Best Product Debut” is getting even better.


Silverline Sonata III

The improved version of Silverline’s acclaimed Sonata loudspeaker. Silverline’s quest for sonic perfection continues, as we refine this already excellent product. The re-designed cabinet of the new Sonata features a more authoritative bass response. The loudspeakers some critics have called “The Best At Any Price” are getting even better.


Silverline Bolero

The Bolero is an extension of our acclaimed SR17 design offering increased bass extension and better transparency. Extensive use of humongous voice coil drivers and the latest technology in hexagonal wound voice coils provides better dispersion and better handling of dynamic music signals while offering highly refined music timbres and shadings. The minimum front baffle surface is optimized to reduce reflections. The thickness of the cabinet ranges from 1.25” to 2” providing a more open sound while effectively reducing resonance within the cabinet.

"Beautifully built, the Bolero seems to offer conspicuously good value" Robert Deutsch of Stereophile magazine, May 2003.


Silverline La Folia

The La Folia is a full range, 4 way floor standing speaker system. All parts and transducers are carefully selected and matched to the strictest design requirements. The mid-bass driver is housed in a rigid, sealed box within the cabinet. The main woofer unit is installed at the rear to provide clean, deep and controlled bass. The La Folia has an extraordinary natural tonal balance, and holographic imaging and transparency. A real diamond!


Silverline Sinfonia

Deep bass and superb sensitivity make the Sinfonia an ideal choice for serious music. Especially large scale symphonic recordings. Like other Silverline products, the Sinfonia features soft-dome tweeter and midrange for natural harmonics and wide dispersion, smooth, extended bass is made possible by three woofers: a 7” paper-cone mid woofer, and two 12” paper cone low woofer – one front, one rear. The Sinfonia is sensitive enough for low power amplifiers, but is completely compatible with high power amplifiers.

$20,000/pr.    D I S C O N T I N U E D

Silverline Grande La Folia

The Grande La Folia is the fully realized sibling of our acclaimed La Folia speaker. It is an uncompromising design utilizing only the finest parts available. The superior drivers employing humongous hexagonal wound voice coils assure high power handling while revealing highly refined music timbres and shadings. The thickness of the cabinet ranges from 2” to 3” and heavily embraced. The extremely rigid hexagonal enclosure helps to eliminate unwanted internal resonance while the minimum baffle surface is optimized for superior imaging and soundstaging. Grande La Folia sets a new standard in the-state-of-the-art speaker class.


Silverline Grandeur   FLAGSHIP MODEL

The Grandeur encompasses everything learning about creating a true full range, reference quality loudspeaker without the constraints imposed by budget concerns. Only the finest components, construction methods, and design were used. Owning a pair of the Silverline Audio Grandeurs is a necessity for any discerning audiophile (budget permitting).

$35,000/pr.    D I S C O N T I N U E D


Silverline has released their third generation of SR17. The new SR17 employs the famed Dynaudio Esotec series tweeter and woofer : the D280 and the 17WLQ. The new cabinet with heavy internal embracing, better binding posts, updated crossover to provide more flexibility in matching with both low powered singled ended and ultralinear push pull tube amps and high current solid state amps. It's no doubt that SR17 makes some of the best sound at both the Silverline Audio and Audio Note room.

The SR17 was first introduced in the summer of ’97 at the Hi-Fi Show in San Francisco. Since then, it’s been winning hearts – and ears – from both critics and audiophiles alike. What makes this speaker so special, despite its small size, is its ability to convey music with extraordinary ease and clarity, with its unique design. The SR17 provides stunning musical details, precise imaging and incredible dynamic range not heard from other speakers in it s class. Audition the SR17 yourself and experience what many think is a true legend in the making.

$3,000/pr.    D I S C O N T I N U E D

Silverline SR16

The SR16 is newly added to the SR (Silverline Reference) series. It is a time aligned mini monitor featuring a single 1” soft dome tweeter and 6” long throw pulp (paper) cone mid woofer with high loss rubber surround. The SR16 inherits Silverline’s renowned sweet high, warm and open mid-range. Of course, it’s also the dynamic champion of its class. The SR16 works incredibly well as a most discriminating reference monitor in a two-channel system or as a premium front end or rear channel speaker in the most premium of home entertainment sound systems.


Silverline SR15

SR15 is the most demanding mini-monitor. The bass is so vibrant and complete in its richness that it is difficult to believe that one is listening to a mini-monitor. The dynamics are incredible, with huge soundstage. Its relatively high sensitivity and high power handling makes it compatible to both solid state and tube amplifiers. High recommend for single ended tube amplifiers. Suitable for room size from 80 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. Good for vocal, jazz and classical music.


Silverline SR12

The SR12 is a spectacular mini-monitor which is compatible with almost any amplifiers. Its stunning dynamics and huge soundstage makes it a standout loudspeaker at the HiFi ’97 Show at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Rated as a “Grade A” monitor by the “Audio Magazine”.


Silverline SR11

The SR11 is a compact 2-way mini-monitor. It has an astonishing soundstage, holographic imaging and controlled bass. It possesses wonderful clarity and natural tonal balance. It has a very smooth midrange and good extensions of treble and bass. A precise mini-monitor for both professionals and hobbyists.

$1,500/pr. (stands not included)

Silverline Center Stage   CENTER CHANNEL MONITOR

Center Stage is designed to suit the home theater of today. It is compatible with both THX and audio systems. The system is magnetically shielded and can be placed on top of a television. The crystal clarity and full-bodied mid range enable it to project a defined center channel. Center Stage reveals the passions of dialogue in movies.


Voce Divina Tenore

q.millenio Tenore feature a new state of the art seven inch Kevlar midrange woofer and motor structure. The acoustical loading of the q. millenio Tenore midrange woofers enable the system to recreate the recording's intimate sound stage. New crossover components and values were hand selected from the finest available and lend to an increase in the natural tonality and listening experience of the original models. Improvements in transparency, life-like timbre and resolution are exceptional. The q. millenio Tenore is invisible to the listeners in the sweet spot, and in virtually any off-axis position.

$8,000/pr. (speaker grilles optional)

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Thank you for visiting our new website. Founded in March of '96, we have always operated from beautiful Portland, Oregon -located in the North Western area of the United States nestled in at the North end of the gorgeous Willamatte Valley between the awe-inspiring Cascade mountain range and the breathtaking scenery of the Oregon Coast.

We take pride in specializing in some of the best sounding, finest quality high-end audio products available today. Let us give you the tools to transform your listening room so you may experience a whole new level of musical enjoyment.

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